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Cyber Security

What Home Users Can Do

 ► Use a suite of automatically updating security tools that includes anti-Spyware, firewall and anti-virus software.

 ► Be sure your operating system and Web browser are set to automatically update.
► Use long, complex passwords for both your computer and your wireless network that include numbers, symbols and letters,     and change them every 90 days.
► Maintain vigilance online and be skeptical about giving up personal information.
► Turn off your computer when you are not using it.
► Employ the same online safety behaviors when “surfing” on a mobile device.
► Be on the lookout for signs of an infected computer including slower processing times, unwanted pop-up ads and increased spam.
► Talk to your kids about good online safety and security habits, including protecting their personal information and their reputation.
► Know what sites your children are visiting online, and check their social networking regularly.
► Regularly back up your files either online or to an external hard drive (and store in a secure location).
► Post cyber security tips on your favorite community Listserv.
► Go to your favorite search engine and search by your name and other family members to see what is on the web about you.
► Make sure your children know that they can come to you if something online makes them uncomfortable, including what others are posting about them, unwanted contacts, and questions they have about staying safe online.

► Learn more at

2009 Security & Database Breaches Master List click on link below


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Deposit Rates

Saving for the future is an important goal. Let us help! First State Bank has a savings account that will be a perfect fit for you. Wondering how to start? Click here to email a friendly personal banker.

First State Bank has numerous savings plans that can be customized to fit your needs.


Minimum Opening Deposit

Balance to Avoid Service Charge

Serviced Charge If Min. Not Maintained

Canceled Checks Returned

Interest Earned

Restrictions & Limitations

Statement Savings


$200 daily

$5 per statement cycle



Limited to six transfers per statement cycle, unlimited withdrawals in person

Real Freedom™ Money Market

Free Standard Check Blanks


$1,000 daily

$10 per statement cycle

Image Statement


Money Market withdrawal limits apply (1)

(1) You may make six (6) tranfers from your Real Freedom Money Market account each statement cycle, if by preauthorized or by automatic transfer, by telephone (including data transmission) agreement, order, or instruction, by check, draft, debit card or similar order (including POS transactions) made by the depositor and payable to third parties. Transfers and withdrawals made in person, by messenger, by mail or at an ATM are unlimited.

*A.P.Y. = Annual Percentage Yield

Statement Savings

This account provides you with excellent flexibility and access to your funds. A minimum opening deposit of just $200 is required. The interest rate and annual percentage yield are subject to change at any time. Interest will be compounded quarterly and credited to the account quarterly.

A service charge of $5 per statement cycle will be imposed if the balance in the account falls below $200 any day of the statement cycle. You may make up to six preauthorized transfers each statement cycle. There is no limit to the number of withdrawals you may make in person, by messenger, by mail or at an ATM.

We will waive the monthly service charge and minimum balance requirement for minors on this account if the parent maintains an account relationship with First State Bank.

Real Freedom™ Money Market Account

This account lets you earn a higher interest rate on your savings while still allowing you the flexibility to write a limited number of checks. The interest rate and the annual percentage yield may change at any time. Interest will be compounded monthly and credited to the account monthly. A minimum opening deposit of $1,000 is required.

A service charge of $10 per statement cycle will be imposed if your balance falls below $1,000 any day of the statement cycle. You must maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. You may make six preauthorized transfers from your account each statement cycle. There is no limit to the number of withdrawals you may make in person, by messenger, by mail or at an ATM.

Other Options

If you have a First State Bank checking account, your statement savings account can be accessed at the ATM by using your Visa® Check Card. Transfers can be made to or from your statement savings account or Real Freedom™ Money Market Account by using Dial-A-Bank, First State Bank's 24-hour free customer support line, or Click-N-Bank™, our free Internet banking system, which can be accessed by clicking here.  First State Bank also offers free bill pay to make your payments fast and easy online.

Certificate of Deposit

This is an interest bearing account. The interest rate will remain in effect for the term of the Certificate. You must deposit a minimum of $2,500 to open the account. You may not make any additional deposits into this account. Interest will be compounded annually and credited annually. For maturities less than one year, interest will not be compounded. Interest will be credited at maturity.

A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. The annual percentage yield assumes interest will remain on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings. Your account will automatically renew at maturity. You have ten days from the maturity date to withdraw funds without penalty or renew at a different rate and term.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

If you are under the age of 70 1/2 and have earned income, you may be eligible for an IRA plan. Some, all or none of your contribution may be deductible under a traditional IRA plan, depending on your circumstances. We also offer Roth IRA plans. Visit with a bank employee for more details.

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